I am a Lady of God

What does that even mean? What indeed. It means I put God first, even before my husband, before my kids, before my politics, my hobbies, my friends, family, everything.

It means He is my commander, and I follow His orders in this Battle called Life.

I don’t always do a very goo job, but this is a chronicling of my journey to become a better Lady, Follower, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Sister, Mentor, and Knight.

“A woman can’t be a knight.” Oh yeah? I beg to differ. For one, I am a member of the Armored Combat League, and once I earn a place on the USA team, and fight in an international competition, I will earn the title of USA Knight. For another, I am a soldier of God, and it’s my Holy duty to follow Him and obey His will. No, I’m not a crazy, modern-day Crusader; but there is an enemy, and we DO have to battle him everyday. So yes, I will call myself a knight as I fight for my Lord and Saviour. While also earning the title in my chosen sport, and hoping that I will be able to witness to my fellow members of this brutal sport, and by my light and love, may they know me for a true follower of Christ.

And on a related note, yes I do realise that when a woman is knighted, they are referred to as ‘Dames’, but unless HRH Queen Elizabeth of England, or another modern-day monarch, wants to ‘knight’ me, the this is NOT a title I can actually hold. This isn’t about “gender equality”, this is a LOT deeper than that and if you’re hung up on that, stop reading this blog now. Go get over yourself, and then come back with an open mind and heart. I say that because, if you can’t read this with an open mind & heart, then you’re wasting both my time and yours.

Today, I’m listening to some great Andy Stanley podcasts and doing some personal faith checks, I need to rethink some of my behaviours. One thing that stood out, was this quote:

“How you treat people, made in God’s image, is a direct reflection of your love for God.” -Andy Stanley

That was a real spiritual smack upside the back of the head for me. I am a fickle, arrogant, proud woman. And I need to humble myself. God help me with this. And I ask you, Reader, to please pray for me to submit myself to God’s will.

But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.  Matthew 23:12 NLT

I went outside and did some physical fitness work. I ran and walked laps around the yard, did some quick strike work on the tree-bag(bruised a knuckle, oops, need to relearn how to wrap my hands to protect them), and some cold therapy training. (That means I went outside only wearing leggings and a sports bra and walked around in the snow and focused on controlling my breathing and relaxing even in the cold. Don’t worry, no one saw me, I wouldn’t let that happen because I don’t want to make it easier for someone to sin because of my actions.) It’s 28F degrees, but feels like 3F with a 20mph wind. As my physical body, my Holy Temple, get’s stronger, so also do I need to make sure my immortal soul is growing stronger in FAITH. So I will Pumping both Proverbs and dumbbells. Sounds dumb, but you are a multi-part machine and all those parts need maintenance. And humans are lazy, I know, because I’m human. So this blog is for my self accountability. And if someone reads this and it helps them in some small way, then that makes it even more worth writing.

I’m off to cook my lunch; healthy and wholesome steamed veggies and grilled turkey burgers. Yum. Clean fuel makes my body run better! Then cleaning the house, playing with the children, and researching armor styles from the 14th century and maybe do some painting. This is just a day in the life of a Lady-Knight of God.


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