Hot Apple Cider and Detective Work

It’s been a rough couple days for me physically. I either caught a very exclusive tummy bug, or got a light case of food poisoning. I can’t tell for sure either way. I’m just glad I haven’t had to throw up, that makes my throat & teeth hurt so much. Ok, enough on that, ew. Anyways, I’m doing much better, thank God!

During my enforced recovery time for my recent hernia surgery, I came across a Welsh detective show called “Hinterlands”. I was hooked from the first episode, and was quite pleased that they were nice, hour and a half long ones. Welsh is a culture and language that I’m not as familiar with as my own Irish heritage. So while watching this show, I paid close attention to the landscapes, street and building signs, product displays, how people spoke to each other, names used and slang phrases. I would like to think I learned a lot, but at it’s a BBC Wales TV show, I would like to just make sure by cross-referencing things. It gave the air of very authentic, but again, it’s still a tv show…for entertainment purposes only. I was very sad that it was only nine episodes long and ended on a cliff hanger, as well as there being several plot building links that leaves me thinking they fully intended to carry on, but perhaps BBC pulled a “Fox” and cancelled them. Boo.

My left shoulder is still aching and tingling since surgery. I don’t know what they tweaked, but I wish it was fixed. I have little grip strength, and putting downward pressure on my hand/wrist, as for in the case of planking or push ups, it’s extremely painful and my whole arm gives out. I’m worried, that’s my shield arm and I use a punch shield. How can I defend and punch if I can’t even lift my shield, as light as it is?? I’m going to have to call the VA surgery center and talk to them about this. It often hurts so bad, it wakes me up at night. I’m also going to have to trust God. Funny how that’s not my first instinct? I’m a frightened child. I panic before I think about the right answer, and then I struggle because the right answer is difficult to put into effect because it’s hard to give up control.

All you who fear the lord, trust the lord! He is your helper and your shield. Psalms 115:11 (NLT) 

The Lord is my shield. Why do I need to worry about my shield arm so much, when I have the very Creator of the Universe in my corner? I just have to trust.




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