New Boots

I’m not a shoe girl, you know. I don’t have dozens of heels, pumps, wedges, stilettos, or the like. I have less than a dozen pairs of footwear and less than half of those are worn on a very constant basis. I’m not joking, I have probably three pairs of shoes that I wear “all the time”; my black flats, my water shoes and my cowboy boots. Otherwise, I’m barefoot quite a lot.

But though I may not go ga-ga over a pair of Madden Girls or Jimmy Choo’s, I was pretty stoked about my first pair of medieval style leather boots. It felt like Christmas getting them in the mail after a long wait that was well worth it. Ohh the smell of leather and metal creeping from the packaging as I opened it had a mile-wide smile on my face. Hobnails and steel-toes. I love the buckles! I need to break them in a little, with a good pair of wool socks, out in the yard. They already fit very well, which is a HUGE sigh of relief! I’m looking forward to getting them to that ‘part-of-me-like-a-second-skin’ stage like I got most of my combat boots, and my cowboy boots to. There’s nothing like the feel of a good pair of boots that are molded to your feet. Aren’t they pretty? Hehehe!



If you’re in the market, I got these from Icefalcon Armory, Andre has everything you need to get started and stay geared up for ACL fighting. We’ve purchased many items from him and will continue to. He’s also half of the founding duo that started the league, go pay him a visit!

You can read more about the ACL here, and google some news stories, because we aren’t shy! See you on the field, folks.


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