Weekend in fibreglass & plaster Pt. 1

Yesterday and today are kind of exciting; our Armourer and his assistant are here in person, doing our armour casts! This is almost unheard of, we’re so grateful for this experience. We know our casts and measurements will be near perfect with the craftsman able to take them personally. Which means our armour with be excellently fit to us. Custom. How cool is that?! We’ve been in touch with Mr. David Halliburton of Fieldstone Metal Crafts since about February, after multiple referrals to the quality of his work and character as a craftsman. I’m very excited for our finished product and after viewing several finished products, as well as hearing lots of great personal recommendations from previous customers. If you want to go custom and you’re in the ACL, BotN, IMCF, SCA, or another medieval sport or organization; Please let me recommend Mr. Halliburton. I look forward to sharing some photos later of the casting process and of course there will be lots of photos as the completed pieces start coming in. You can check out his facebook pageĀ here.

Shortly, my legs will get wrapped in quick-setting fibreglass to make casts of my legs. We did my arms last night. We’ll also do my torso, and then later we’ll use plaster to make a head casting. Yup, that will be wild! I’ll update more later!


Resting and Patience are NOT Mutually Exclusive

ARGH! I’m struggling with the wait until the next step in our journey. I want to be back in Montana so badly, that it distracts me. And I’m sure that’s what the enemy wants. This time of waiting is meant for preparation, resting, being ready. It’s very important. I feel like I’m squandering it though. I made it a point to start packing *now*, and do it slowly, deliberately, and thoroughly. I don’t want to haul anything with us that isn’t needed. I have been trying to go through piles of stuff regularly, and have at least one tote packed up every week or two. It’s going well, and I’m realizing how much material stuff just doesn’t matter in the long run. God provides all we need, and the further we get along this journey in trusting, the easier that trust get’s. He keeps showing His faithfulness. We have many huge hurdles to overcome in the near future but I’m not nearly as worried as I would have been even a year ago. Yay for progress!

Now to keep growing deeper, keep moving towards more progress in this trek. It’s a long road ahead. But I have a map and the best road guide, and my family are my traveling companions.

Catch up blog post?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, I haven’t felt the drive to lately. We took a trip out to visit the town of Butte, Montana, where we are moving to in the coming Spring. The whole weekend was filled with moments of peace, reflection and contentment. I felt like I was home, that feeling that you can’t describe, but know in your deepest heart, that you’re right where you’re suppose to be in this big wide world. Now that I’m home (current HOR), it doesn’t ‘feel’ like home. It feels like a familiar place, like I’m actually staying at a friend or relatives’ place but I have my own pillow. Ya know? Maybe? Ok let’s move on. Needless to say, I can’t wait to find a house and get moved out there. I miss having a MT license plate on my vehicle.

It’s the dog-days of summer. My least liked time of year. I prefer the no man’s land of late February over this, even! My motivation and effort are so lacking, I think they might still be on vacation! So my training and workouts haven’t been doing too spiffy. I did however, prior to our trip west, complete a month of Keto and dropped six pounds, three inches and 1.5% body fat. I also discovered a much kinder, gentler, not-crazy me during my cycle change. My beloved says that’s a huge victory and reason to get back on the Keto-train ASAP! Hmmm, think he’s trying to tell me something? My mind was clearer and quicker firing on the keto diet (I use the word ‘diet’ merely out of convenience, as most assume a diet is a temporary thing that cannot be maintained. When in fact the opposite is true in this case, Ketogenic is a life style change.), since the brain is made up of mostly fat and water, which I was getting in abundance. Please note, these are very healthy fats, not just whatever crap. Here are some great resources to reasearch this for YOURSELF. Don’t take my word for it, do your homework.



Keto for Women

I hope you learn something new and helpful, even if you don’t choose to try this nutrition plan. These links should get you started, if you are interested.

Now I need to get back to work, I have much cleaning to do and packing. I’ll share about that in my next post. Until then, train hard and play hard.