This past month, there was a special event; I got baptized. Again.

Some folks don’t agree with multiple baptisms, but I felt this was the right move to make for me. I’ll explain…

I was originally baptized in 2005, during Army basic training at Fort Leonard-Wood, MO. The protestant Chaplin officer encouraged all who would go to heaven after death to be baptized in the Lord’s Name. I thought, Okay so this is something to check off my list so my butt is covered. I didn’t take it seriously. And I hadn’t prayed the Sinner’s Prayer of Salvation either. I didn’t know then that, that prayer was pretty much crucial.

Fast forward eleven years. Through the dark times of an abusive marriage, messy divorce, unemployment, homelessness, sexual assault, depression, suicide attempts, PTSD, and pain. And on through the brighter, better times of finding love, starting to realize God actually IS there, happier kids, a new marriage, steady home and income, friends, church family, and the understanding that I’m not weird and damaged but have been blessed with gifts to use for God’s Kingdom. A lot has changed, I’ve grown in maturity in mind and spirit.

Recently God put it on my heart to publicly declare my faith, and without even pausing to think it over, I blurted this out to my Pastor who happily said, “Hey that’s a great idea! Let’s see if anyone else is thinking about that as well!” When it was all said and done, there were nine of us there that day who stepped into the water. Most being children. It’s a bigger deal than people give it credit for. Those kids will remember that day, it will set the tone for their spiritual developement for years to come. I don’t regret the first time I got baptised, I think it still meant something even if I didn’t understand then. I think it helped this time mean more. God uses all things for His good plan.