A great reminder for us all, not just control freaks like myself, and the author, lol.

Desarie Annadurai

Here’s a little window into who I am. I like planning. I like having a schedule. I like making lists and getting things done. I love it when things go according to plan. I am satisfied when I can tick things off the list – some might say I am an organised freak. It’s just so much nicer when you know what you’re doing step by step, but how many of you know when you ask God to be present in your everyday life, when you ask Him to be actively present in the small and big decisions in your life things don’t really go to your plan… In fact these things you wanted to have accomplished by a certain time are now totally off schedule. Your plans are now interrupted by God. Lately, my prayers to God have been something like this “Where are you God?” or simply “Why?”

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